Introduction to Trauma - 6/9/2024


Event Details

This 1-day workshop is an introduction to trauma.
Trauma is usually invisible to the human eye. This workshop will help you to understand the internal landscape of those affected by trauma, the common impacts on a person’s brain and body, and what this means in terms of behaviour, social skills, self-regulation and more. As your understanding develops you will gain more confidence to express your understanding and interact in a skilful way with those impacted by trauma. 
Who Should Attend?

An Introduction to Trauma is for everyone who wants or needs to learn more about trauma and its impact on individuals, families, communities, and organisations. 
Key Learning Outcomes​​​​​
  • Increase trauma informed literacy
  • Understand how to respond to trauma
  • Identify causes to the prevalence of trauma
  • Understand the effects of trauma on the body and brain
  • Learn about poly vagal theory and trauma
  • Understand epigenetics and its relation to trauma
  • Increased knowledge of Intersectionality and trauma
  • Comprehensive participant manual with references for further reading.
  • Participants will leave with a toolbox of practical resources.
We choose to use nurturing, comfortable, and convenient venues. Tea, coffee and catered morning tea and afternoon tea is included. 

Presenter Details

Holly Freeman

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