Accidental Counsellor 4/10/2024


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Learn simple communication skills to support people in distress.

In our everyday lives, we may encounter people in emotional distress. While we want to help, many of us lack the knowledge and skills to offer effective support.

Lifeline's Accidental Counsellor workshop empowers you to develop the skills needed to offer compassionate and effective support to loved ones, colleagues, or even strangers experiencing emotional distress.

Whether facing these situations at home, work, or in your community, this workshop provides valuable tools you can use to navigate them confidently.

While this workshop doesn't qualify you as a professional counsellor, you'll gain the confidence and practical tools to offer compassionate and helpful support to friends, family, colleagues, and others in need. 

Through the Lifeline "Recognise, Respond, Refer, Self-care" model, you'll gain a structured approach to:

  • Recognise signs of distress and potential crisis
  • Respond with empathy and supportive communication.
  • Refer individuals to appropriate professional support when needed.
  • Self-care strategies for bouncing back after tough conversations.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills needed to provide compassionate and effective support to people experiencing emotional distress or crises.
  • To increase confidence in navigating these situations in various settings, such as home, work, and community.
Learning Outcomes 
  • Recognise common signs and symptoms of emotional distress and crises in others.
  • Differentiate between offering initial support and acting as a professional counsellor, understanding the limitations of your role.
  • Demonstrate active listening skills to build rapport and validate the person's experience.
  • Describe appropriate resources and support networks, acting as a guide to connect individuals with available help when needed.​​​​​
  • Demonstrate increased confidence when approaching individuals experiencing emotional distress.
  • Demonstrate atonement through communication, conveying empathy and understanding in a supportive and non-judgmental manner.

Workshop Experience
This 3-hour workshop is very practical - using active learning, group discussions, scenarios, curly and frequently asked questions, and take-home learning aids.
We choose to use nurturing, comfortable, and convenient venues. Tea and coffee will be available. 

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Stuart Schultz

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